How’s it goin’ over there? 

Are you healthy? Are you properly socially distanced, too? Did you finish all of Netflix yet? Have you got any drawers left to organize? 

If you’ve got that cabin fever, fear not and dust off your gel pens. I’ve got a free coloring book for ya! Ten fresh, new pages of original block print drawings for you to download and print or use on a smart phone or tablet.

In lieu of showing you my new fabric, quilts, etc. (now on hold like the rest of all of creation), I thought it would be fun to share some of test sketches in a way that’s also entertaining for you in these strange times. 

I make these regularly as exercises for myself when I’m designing new block prints. Here are some of them, below:


a handful of doodles that became a coloring book (on top of a quilt made from one of my older block print designs)

Just as I arrived in India right before they closed the door to foreigners due to corona virus, I was able to switch my flight and come home right before the government imposed a strict 21-day total lockdown. Of course I’m disappointed to leave two weeks early, but I’m very grateful to be safely back in my apartment on my own two-week quarantine.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun making this coloring book and I hope you enjoy it, too! Please don’t be shy–show me your colored in pages when you’re done, I’d love to see!

Send me  2 fully colored in pages and I’ll send you a discount code 🙂

May we all be well and may this all end soon,

❤︎ Lindsay