I arrived in India about two weeks ago, squeezing in just in time before they imposed a visa ban due to coronavirus. Since I’m here already, I’m allowed to stay and boy oh boy, am I relieved about that!

Since my work here is in Kutch, a hot desert region (far from any international airports, to boot), Coronavirus hasn’t been an issue here yet. We’re praying it stays this way.       

So in spite of calamitous daily news updates from home back in NYC, I’m trying to go about business as usual, which is always especially fun, here in Kutch!


A mask of a different sort (hiding from the dust and the sun) with one of the peacocks of the highway, my forever favorite. #hornokplease 

I’ve been busy block printing new designs, stitching, sampling, meeting with sooo many artisans, and scheming up a whole new collection of quilts and beyond!


sneak peek… testing out some of my new block designs!

For a break from all the scary corona madness, join me over on instagram. Beyond the regular posts, I’ve been sharing teasers of my new products as they come to life as well as some other fun moments from my Indian adventure here in my stories.


May you stay strong and healthy and may your neighborhood bodega never run out of toilet paper 😉 


Much love,