Jali Pillow


20 x 20 inch pillow
Feather pillow insert
Made with 100% cotton, block-printed by hand
dyed with indigo in Kutch, India
Sewn in NYC

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Named for an ornamental feature found widely throughout Indian and Islamic architecture, a Jali, which means “net, ” is a perforated stone or latticed screen with intricate geometric patterns. Beyond their decorative appeal, jalis help to cool air by compressing and diffusing it as air passes through.

Decorative pillow made from fabric block printed by hand with wooden blocks and dyed in indigo in Kutch, India. Pillow cover is 100% cotton and insert is natural feathers. Sewn in Brooklyn, New York.

Pillow size, 20 x 20 inches

Care: Hand wash (best). Or machine wash cold gentle cycle with mild soap and separately from other items, line dry.